2017 Clunies Ross Innovation Award - Professor Mike Xie FTSE

June 14, 2017
CLUNIES ROSS INNOVATION AWARD 2017 ESO/BESO CHANGES THE WAY WE BUILD THINGS Professor Mike Xie FTSE Prof Mike Xie FTSE, Director of the Centre for Innovative Structures and Materials at RMIT University, has made significant contributions to the original development and subsequent adoption of a technology known as Evolutionary Structural Optimisation (ESO) and Bidirectional ESO (BESO). This technology has been used to design many landmark buildings and other novel products around the world. Major companies in Australia including Arup, Boeing and Thales have collaborated with Professor Xie to design light-weight and high-performance structures and materials using ESO/BESO. The original ESO technique, first proposed by Professor Xie’s team in 1992, was based on the simple concept of gradually removing inefficient material from a structure so that the resulting shape would evolve towards the optimum. A more robust technique known as BESO, which was introduced by Professor Xie’s team a few years later, allows material to be removed and added simultaneously by redistributing the under-utilised material to the most needed locations. Professor Xie has been responsible for a broad range of practical applications of the ESO/BESO technique. Among many other applications, it can significantly reduce the weight and associated energy consumption of motor vehicles and aircraft and produce strikingly elegant designs of bridges and buildings. Since the inception of ESO/BESO in the early 1990s, Professor Xie has worked tirelessly on the continuous improvement and practical applications of the technique. He is recognised globally as one of the most important contributors to the original development and subsequent world-wide adoption of the ESO/BESO technology. Over the past 12 years, Professor Xie has led a team at RMIT to develop a sophisticated software package called BESO3D. This computer code has been used by a large number of engineering and architectural firms and research institutions around the world to design a wide range of innovative and efficient structures and materials.
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